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Certificate of Acceptance as an Independent Qualified Person
(Section 44 Building Act 1991 and Section 438 Building Act 2004)

Territorial Authorities of the Auckland Region, comprising:
Auckland City Council, Franklin District Council, Manukau City Council, North Shore City Council, Papakura District Council, Rodney District Council and Waitakere City Council

Name: Security Systems Limited, PO Box 79-285 Royal Heights, Auckland

Acceptance Number: 10097

Security Systems Ltd is accepted by the above named councils as being appropriately qualified to undertake inspection and maintenance of the following features or systems in terms of section 44 of the building act 1991:

Relevant Features

Namely: Features and systems listed in Section 44 of the Building Act 1991
j. Other mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, or electronic systems. (Access Controlled Egress Doors With/Without Automatic Fire Release) Specified Systems Prescribed by Regulation Made Under Section 402 Building Act 2004 3. Electromagnetic or automatic doors and windows (for example, ones that close on fire alarm activation). (Restricted to Automatic Access Controlled Doors)

Signed: I Godfrey, Chairperson, Territorial Authorities of the Auckland Region- Building Act Group

Certificate first Issued: 15 October 2007

Current approval expires: 15 October 2018

Call to arrange an IQP check for your building’s access control systems as part of your building WOF requirements.