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Security Smoke Machines

85% of all robberies are completed before your alarm response team can arrive.

Why do you still accept losses?

The Cost of Burglary

Adverse effects from the burglary can be much more devastating than simply losing stock. It is a known fact that premises are broken into despite the amount of protection, most burglars are on the premises for less than 5 minutes!

Our products provide instant protection during a break-in or hold-up by filling the area almost instantly with a dense dry vapour whIch is perfectly harmless and safe to use.

The Security Smoke Machines will not stain, damage or leave any residue on all types of clothing, electrical, computers, furniture, goods, food etc. They make it impossible for a would-be burglar to steal your goods and fills the gap between the alarm activation and the response time before Police or security can arrive.

Investment is based on:

1. End of Property Loss: Our Security Smoke Machines work, we stop what used to be routine because the response never arrived on time. In most cases eliminating the next burglary.
2. Cost Savings: Companies struggle to find a balance between loss from theft and the costs of security to prevent it.

Running our Security Smoke Machines however is inexpensive, and the cost per activation is minimal. Companies can now achieve premium protection with these products. Insurance Companies in New Zealand understand the concept and may offer discounts on insurance premiums.

Installation made Safe and Easy

The products are designed to integrate with most existing alarm systems and provides full monitoring features for critical functions. No special requirements are needed to control the unit.

Instant Protection Includes:
Banks, ATM lobbies, Petrol stations, offices, school IT facilities, jewellers and antique shops, retail and computer companies.